About Us

Welcome to the East Fremantle Cricket Club
Built on Tradition, Played with Pride!

The East Fremantle Cricket Club (EFCC) is a 100-year-old club, full of history, mateship and good times. Located along Preston Point Rd, on the Preston Point Reserve, EFCC sits in the central hub and heart of the Town of East Fremantle. Situated perfectly on the banks of the Swan River, with daily visits from the "Fremantle Doctor" during the summer months, EFCC has to be one of the most beautiful sporting locations in Australia.

On the field, our club has always been competitive and normally very successful. We have been around for 115 years and in that time have managed to win 40 premierships. Our success can be only attributed to loyalty, passion and hard work, all of which the club prides itself on. 

Our membership numbers are always high. We have close to 130 members at the club of mixed ages. Our member’s age group ranges from under 10 through to close to 70. We currently have are lucky enough and honoured to have 31 life members with eight of these members still strongly active. Our committee bases itself of a strong foundation of hard work and aims always for the best for the club. EFCC normally field four or five teams per season in the very strong South Metropolitan Cricket Association.  

Not only is East Fremantle Cricket Club strong with numbers and strong with talent, our clubs underlying strength comes from simply being proud. We are proud of our history and location and our results. Hence our club slogan.

 Built on Tradition, Played with Pride!

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East Fremantle Cricket Club's home ground at Preston Point Reserve, overlooking the Swan River