Building Fund

EFCC Committee and Players thank all those that have already contributed to the building fund. Their names will be proudly displayed on the wall of support of our new building.

Type Donor
Blue: $1000 

Lawrie Family

Craig Bradshaw

White: $500  John Jr. & Dana Brown
Norcross Family
Platinum: $250 

Rhys Jones
Brent & Lani Fairhead
Craig & Sally Cole
Brodie Renouf
Peter & Debra Stephen
Vic & Julie Strnadica
Brad Kelly
Gerry Kelly
Peter Cromwell
Ben & Elana Mustard
Brendan Clancey
Sprigg Family
Chris Leatherday
Paul & Natalie Lyons
Jon Middleton

Gold: $100 

Blake Miller
George & Vanessa Strnadica
Liam Keating
Stuart Youngson
Jeremy & Elizabeth Warren
John Sr. & Rae Brown
Mark Kelly
Martin & Carol Cleeve

Silver: < $100 Jim Hurst
Paul Rowe
Don Lang